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Are you travelling to Prague and is it your first time? You have absolutely the choice to buy a tourist guide and follow the tips there. But we have a tips from local people, who live there and know better.

  • Eat the local food. When we say eat the local food, we mean do not eat it in touristic places and areas so called “touristic traps”. Forget about local food on Wenceslas Square or Old Town Square. These are awesome places to visit and maybe have a drink at, but not to eat. The food is overpriced and not as good as it is supposed to be. Pick the places, that are not as much in the city centre, but that has good ratio. You can have an inspiration on Trip Advisor too.
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  • Visit the view spots. With the view from view spots, you can see much more, than you think, and we can guarantee a relaxing and calming experience, that won´t be crowded and annoying.
  • Look for a bars and restaurants farther away from the city centre. Bars in city centre might be nice, but to be honest, bartenders are annoyed by “tourists” and do not have very good manners unfortunately. Do not waste your money on somebody, who does not deserve your visit. Pick a bar farther away but with local Czech people and with nice staff, who will be happy to see you.
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  • Be careful about your money. Again, unfortunately for the reputation of the Czech Republic, you have to be careful when paying. Lots of staff will try to trick you and won´t give you the right change. Especially in big clubs with lots of tourists. Again, inspire yourself on trip adviser.
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